Gage Magar - Vulgord's Tower DeveloperVulgord’s Tower was created by the father and son duo, Brian and Gage Magar. The initial concept and framework were first developed in late 2016 when Gage was eleven years old. This vision was later fully realized and put into production in early 2018. The game is rooted in a classic “swords and sorcery” aesthetic and loosely based around the MILTON BRADLEY board game DARK TOWER. Player’s travel and battle through four realms with the hopes of storming the tower for victory. This is where the similarities with Dark Tower end and something new begins.

Brian grew up in the 1980s in a time and place where Heavy Metal, Fantasy Art/Games, Arcades, and Satanic Panic reigned supreme. Some of his fondest childhood memories are that of playing DARK TOWER with this father. Many brigands and dragons were slain around the kitchen table in those formative years. Vulgord’s Tower not only pays homage to an icon of Brian’s youth but also to the role of astute mentoring.

Brian Magar - Vulgord's Tower DesignerBrian Magar is a full-time graphic designer and part-time musician. His design career started at a small advertising agency where he produced for a wide array of corporate clientele. In his late twenties, Brian became a sole proprietor working primarily as a new media designer and developer within the world of Heavy Metal. Brian currently plays in the dark ambient/tribal band THE OWLS ANWTS and the fantasy-oriented DEATH/DOOM band CULTIC.

Gage Magar is a full-time tenth-grade student, self-taught C# developer, and game architect. When Gage was six years old he used gift money to purchase a copy of RPG CREATOR VX ACE. This software allowed him to explore many facets of game development. His passion and skills grew over time, eventually progressing to working with C# and the UNITY ENGINE.

Gage is an avid gamer with a fervor for horror, strategy, and sandbox games. In his spare time, he enjoys composing soundtrack-oriented music and reading.

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