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When playing a game of VULGORD’S TOWER, the players relationship with the tower wizards is strictly mercantile. A player pays the wizards either with gold or souls in order to curse opponents. Soon you will be able to own your very own WIZARD TOWER by purchasing our WIZARD TIER PACKAGE on Kickstarter. Soon you will be able to curse your foes for real! These are beautiful works of art, and they really do work!

Speaking of art. Here’s an early reveal of the VULGORD’s TOWER SOUNDTRACK art. LAYR is an experimental music side project that I started 13+ years ago. The music sits somewhere between power electronics, extreme doom, black metal and drone. This is my first crack at DUNGEON SYNTH. The entire album plays in the background of a game of Vulgord’s Tower. The battle, bazaar, wizard tower music is a bit different and not included on the album. The album release will be in relation to the kickstarter launch. Stay tuned.

We’re waiting until after the holidaze before we launch our Kickstarter. It feels like a crazy time to be doing all of this.

This post was brought to you by MASTER’S HAMMER.

Stay safe. Stay inspired. Stay true!

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