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I’d like to preface this post by taking some time to thank everyone who has pledged to our Kickstarter. I’d also like to thank all the media outlets who have given us attention. Thank you! It means more than you know. We’ll be adding more characters, events, and enemies into the game due to the CONQUEROR package sales. It’s going to be a blast!

Right off the top of my head… Here’s part of what you’re going to receive with your pledge…

  1. A game created by a teenager and his middle-aged dad. Our life experience is vastly different. Our brains work differently. Our ideas are worlds apart. Yet we were able to come together to create something in line with our true nature. No suits, squares, and “yes men/women” sitting in a boardroom mauling over minutia. This is 100% DIY. I feel this is part of what makes the game shine differently. It has a unique spirit.
  2. A semi-casual game. rooted in the “Swords & Sorcery” aesthetic, with a multi-pronged approach to strategy. You’ll find out really quickly that there are multiple ways to skin a rat when it comes to a Vulgord’s Tower victory!
  3. Fun! A whole lot of it. Especially when played with friends. Multiplayer is where Vulgord’s Tower really shines. That’s why we’re giving away two copies for the price of one w/ the KICKSTARTER packages. Give one to a friend and go nuts. The game has a chatroom. Be social while socially distancing.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Throwing money at a Kickstarter project is a big ask. It’s crazy. I totally understand this. If you’d like to help us out you can always share/spread the word. Who knows? Maybe one day a wizard will return the favor!

As it stands at this moment, the Kickstarter is 119% funded. That means our costs were covered + a little bit. We’re over the moon about this. Right on!

Support the Kickstarter at: http://kck.st/3ubVxNn


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