Vulgord’s Tower Soundtrack


Album Release Date: 5/29/2021

Professionally produced CD-R.


  1. Through the Gates
  2. Exalted by Sorcery
  3. Labyrinthine Ascension
  4. The Convivial Traveler
  5. Deep Dungeon Misery
  6. Wandering Outer Realms
  7. Under the Spell



The Vulgord’s Tower Soundtrack paints the perfect backdrop to the game, whisking listeners away to a primordial land rife with conflict and mystery. Each track reveals a new facet of this arcane world. Experience the misery of the dungeons, the majestic power of the mountains, and the glory of conquest!

The Vulgord’s Tower soundtrack is 23 minutes of pure old-school dungeon synth that runs the gamut of the genre and though it is a harsh pivot from LAYR’s earlier work (which primarily dealt in warlike cavernous soundscapes and experimental black doom), it is a logical extension for LAYR, who has always worked within fantastic “swords and sorcery” inspired worlds.

Do not saunter. Your quest to Vulgord’s Tower awaits!