The Duality of Vulgord’s Tower

 In Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot of archetypes and symbolism in Vulgord’s Tower. The quest/journey, The flawed hero, light & dark, the phallic properties of the tower…Just to name a few.  Some of these ideas were intentionally crafted, others just fell into place as the game unfolded.

At the core of the game is VULGORD. A wizard who played in the shadows a bit too long. The result is a self-inflicted transformation into dragon form. This ( Jeckll & Hyde ) duality of humanity is touched upon multiple times throughout the game.

In the spirit of duality, we’ll be giving away one copy of the game for every copy purchased on our KICKSTARTER. Give one to a friend! Play together. Use the in-game chat to “catch up”.  Vulgord’s Tower can be played solo. But the real fun hits when playing multiplayer. Find out on 3/30/2021 when our Kickstarter launches! See You Next Tuesday!

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